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Subscriptions from The Bugler is sent from Morganton four times a year, I have no control on the delivery. The sale of the 50th Anniversary ENCSD issue is a separate item from the annual four issue subscription. As I mentioned elsewhere in facebook, the special edition is still $4 apiece and to deliver this one copy by mail is an extra $2.11 for the envelope and postage, total of $6.11.

To receive this one copy of the ENCSD's 50th Anniversary edition, please mail me a check, $6.11 to:
Lester Latkowski
4016 Green Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

$4 will be sent to The Bugler and the $2.11 I will pay the post office for delivery. I receive no compensation for this service.

Your address on your check will be the mailing address.
Leave me your e-mail address and I will use it to email you a receipt only. No spamming allowed!!

The Bugler is a non-profit magazine, written and published by, for, and about the Deaf in North Carolina.

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