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Event Submission Guidelines

Please do the following before e-mailing us:

For new entries:
You MUST provide the following:
Date(s), Times, Name of the Event,
Name of the establishment where the Event is held,
Address - make sure this is correct
Contact is required, e-mail, or if using a phone number,
please specify, TTY/TTD, VRS, VP, FAX, voice, etc.
and website URL if available
Website URL MUST point to the event or association/club
We are required to be honest and trustworthy, thus, we
reserve the right to refuse any event request and/or flyer
misrepresenting in and of itself

Asking "PLEASE" does not seem to work
So again, below is the format we request:

Month Date - Time Start - Time End - Name of the Event
Street address of the event
Your town, NC zipcode
Balanced information preferred - follow this example:
10am - Men bring sodas - Girls bring sweet plate for coffee table - Free!
6pm - Dinner, Games, gifts, chat
Admission: $5 with covered dish - $8 without covered dish
Flyer available in jpg or pdf - or see website
Website URL MUST point to the event or association/club
Contact name required or phone number - vp number or text number
your e-mail address

It will take longer for us to post your event if you
do not submit them as requested!!!

On Sunday, October 10th we will be offering free interpreting for any Deaf
individuals that would like to take a course at Popular School (Mayberry,
NC). Space is limited & we hope that you will pass this information on to
anyone who might be interested in taking this famous business course.
Participants are encouraged to reserve their seats as soon as possible by
calling 123-456-7890 or by sending us an e-mail at Popular School has a full service restaurant &
bar, playground as well as an picnic area for looking over the campus. We
would like everyone to come and learn something new and be successful!
For more information on our courses please visit our website at

X X X  ALSO!!!   X X X
Sending an blank email with a flyer takes the longest for us to process!
So please follow the red box request above for faster postings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If there is a phone number, e-mail address or a location
address that you do not want posted, do not offer them.

Please send your entries as far in advance as possible
All new and correction entries will most times be posted
overnight and anytime on most weekends.

Entries submitted within 24-48 hours of an event
will not have a guaranteed posting

If a new Deaf group is being formed please
say "New Group Forming"

For corrections and updated entries:
 Please provide the full text of the Event
that needs correction this way we'll know for sure
we are working on the one that you want corrected.
Then below that make/add the changes you want.

We can accept flyers in just about any format and
may convert them to another format to be used on the site. 

Flyers can be sent as an attachment in your e-mails,
however, there are some instances where for
whatever reason an attachment can't be sent, let
us know and we will provide a link where you can
upload flyers to us

Honesty Pays:
Website URL MUST point to the event or association/club
We are required to be honest and trustworthy, thus, we
reserve the right to refuse any event request and/or flyer
misrepresenting in and of itself

Thank you!
Individuals, commercial or larger entities wanting to sponsor can
request an ad rate page through the same e-mail address above.

Clarification seems to be needed:
Commercial and larger entities are organizations that are
sponsoring a major event. This includes Deaf Entertainers
that charges fees for their attendees. Therefore, each event
that is a sponsored or a commercial entity event will be asked
for a one time stipend of $25 for posting in the events listing. This
will include optional blue headline for the event post with the
wordings "This listing is sponsored by:" Fee(s) includes optional logo
insertion above the posting, 100px X 100px, or small banner board
234px wide by 60px high with a link to the webpage you provide
on the image and optional URL posting at the end of the listing.
Requests for placement of an URL anywhere on the website
are expected to follow the same stipend requirements above.

We accept payment by PayPal and we will provide a W-9 upon
request. If you are still interested, please let us know and we
will send an e-mail with a PayPal link

Commercial entities can request ad placements

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